Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pottery Barn and the Grandma Chair

Confession- I have a major style crush on Pottery Barn. I would live inside a Pottery Barn if mall security would let me. I can't help but stroll through, running my fingers over the cable knit throws and tinkering with the home office accessories, picturing in my head where each item would go in my imaginary cottage. Cottage, yes, because my dream home would be more a cross between French country boutique and Z Gallery white on white on white. My current home is oh so very Kimberly, but has definitely been styled around a few key hand-me-down pieces including "the grandma chair." My grandparents had it for ages but, in a compromise to get Gramps' card table covered in projects out of their dining room and into their home office, Grams sacrificed the chair to make space. I couldn't bear to see it lost in a yard sale so I gave it a new home. Unfortunately, the grandma chair has been sitting in a corner of my living room looking far too plain! It's unusually petite for an arm chair so every pillow and throw I've paired with it seemed overbearing. Pottery Barn clearance wall to the rescue! Sunday, on one of my above mentioned daydreaming strolls through a Pottery Barn, this time in Pleasanton, I stumbled across this darling little pillow marked down to a jaw dropping $10. It's perfect.