Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Wine Cork Board

When the beau and I booked our wedding venue, the owner was gracious enough to give us a massive bag of unused wine corks! For months I tossed around wine cork craft ideas, trying to decide how to incorporate them into our wedding. A couple of weeks ago, we were driving home from brunch when out the window I spotted an old, wooden frame at a neighbor's garage sale. I knew just what to do with it!

First, I detached one side of the wire hang on the back of the frame just to get it out of the way. Then, I attached a trimmed down piece of poster board, gently hammering in small nails every few inches all the way around the back of the frame. I glued the wine corks in rows to fill the frame. It's near impossible to find a frame that will fit the exact measurements of your corks, so either cut down corks to finish off your rows or, the much easier option, find a way to cover the gap. I used burlap and lace to create a runner around the end where the corks didn't fill the frame and topped it off with a bow in the corner.

I'm not sure exactly how I'll implement the cork board into my wedding decor just yet, but I'm absolutely in love with it!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Favorite Things

Here are a few things I've been majorly crushing on lately that you should probably be aware of. 

How did I not hear about The Skimm until last week?! Kind of amazing. I always enjoy receiving in digest form anything I don't have time or patience for, and appreciate when it can be done in a humorous way. If The Skimm can make me chuckle about the DOJ violating the AP, they're worth a shout out. The only mistake I've found so far was their questioning why Bea Arthur posed for a controversial topless portrait, when the very article they linked to stated that she didn't actually pose for the painting. I'm not sure who spends their time imagining what old ladies' boobs look like, but to each their own, I suppose, and I'm not mad at The Skimm for such a tiny oversight.

I bought my Ray Ban Folding Wayfarer sunnies last year, but am still appreciating them to the fullest this year. I swoon for the big Jackie O throwbacks as much as the next girl... they're just so chic! But they come with massive cases that are only portable when carrying a massive purse, which I also swoon for, but recognize as impractical in certain situations. Have you tried to go on a sailboat or to a fair or on a bike ride with a tote large enough to be confused with carry on luggage? Sometimes you need something more like a small cross-body messenger, and if you also need sunnies, you need small sunnies. These fold up. Twice. And fit in a tiny case that also fits in your tiny bag. It's love.

I'm forever discovering wonderful services, places and things on Living Social, but this particular discovery was via Gilt City. I paid $40 for $80 worth organic groceries from Luke's Local, and it was worth every penny! Orders are placed through Good Eggs, where you can purchase goods from a variety of local suppliers. I got the seasonal veggies, fruit, salad greens, herb mix, honey, gluten free sourdough bread, pizza dough, cheese of the month, lunch and breakfast burritos, and a meal kit for chicken enchiladas. While some of the produce wasn't stuff I'd normally choose, it was all fresh and beautiful. My favorite was definitely the gluten free sourdough warmed up and smothered in the honey... so, so tasty. I opted to pick up my goods, but for just a couple bucks they deliver as well. Pick up sounded more practical but trying to park on Mission Street to pick up groceries from a bar was not ideal, especially considering the fender bender I endured. Not Luke's fault. Just not ideal.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Celebrating the Moms in my Life

Mother's Day has always been a really special holiday for my family because it's flanked by my parents' anniversary and birthdays for my dad, sister, nephew, uncle and now my fiance as well. It's kind of our mid-year "Christmas;" a do-not-miss gathering of loved ones to lump all our festivities into one. 

I'm beyond blessed to have been surrounded by incredible, inspiring, beautiful women all my life. My mother is straight out of a story book - loving, gentle, always level headed, a grade school teacher and Sunday school teacher, endlessly dedicated to the happiness of two daughters, two grandsons and her husband of over thirty years. Then there's my dearly missed Grama Moe, my dad's mom, who was as spunky and fun as they come. I treasure childhood memories of dancing like crazy to "Great Balls of Fire" and playing card games on her bed while sipping Cherry 7-Up. I can't tell you how grateful I am to still be enjoying daily chats with Grams, my mom's mom, who has been my biggest champion. She's strong, independent, capable, and has always made me feel like I can be invincible too. Then there's my sister - if you've met her I guarantee you instantly just got a smile on your face when I mentioned her. You'd never know she's had a hard day in her life, because her energy lights up a room and her laughter is infectious. Her love for her family is endless and even when people wrong her she continues to look for the best in them and want good things for their lives.

I could go on and on and tell you about all of the girlfriends I have who constantly awe me as genuine women and mothers but I think you get it. I'm lucky to have so many mothers in my life to celebrate this Mother's Day, and I certainly hope that you take the time to recognize those in your life as well.

My sister, Grama Moe and I at Easter two years ago

My sister and I at Easter this year
Family photo, Thanksgiving 2011
My mom and Grams

Mom and I on Mother's Day last year