Friday, November 11, 2011

Pop-up Magazine

Pop-up Magazine held their fifth issue at Davies Symphony Hall in downtown San Francisco on Wednesday evening. Pop-up Magazine is a deconstructed, live magazine format that is not photographed or recorded and the content is not made available after the event. It happens in that moment for that audience. A Pop-Up Magazine staffer told me the event sold out all 2,700 seats in just two hours. The official sponsors of Pop-up Magazine No.5 were Skyy Vodka and Anchor Brewing Company, so you know we were there to represent!

Around 5:30pm a few coworkers and I headed to Boxing Room for some pre-event munchies and brews. Boxing Room has only been open for a few months and boasts a unique menu of creole inspired foods. They also happen to have three of our beers on tap! We ordered one of everything on the appetizers menu and a round of Brekle's Brown, one of Anchor's newest beers.

After stuffing our faces with oysters and fried alligator, we headed a couple blocks down to Davies Symphony Hall. For two hours, an assortment of journalists, radio personalities and artists took the stage one right after the next for only a few minutes each, and presented on a variety of subjects ranging from war in the Congo to shark videography.