Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekend In Branson

The hubs and I made the three and a half hour drive to Branson, Missouri for a little get-a-way. It's hard to describe Branson... Kitschy, hoaxy, touristy... but it manages to be all of those things in such a delightful way!

We lucked out with a hotel promotion that got us two nights in the Radisson for $99. As if that wasn't enough to get excited about, we were given a free upgrade to a top floor suite after finding a couple of beetles in our booked room. Apparently this time of year Branson has a problem with beetles - gross, right? But if that's the price to pay for a huge suite with a king size sleep number bed, I can deal!

Thursday I got my history fix at Table Rock Dam, which has a visitor center with great displays about the settling and developing of the Midwest, and the hubs got his good food and cigar fix at Waxy O'Shea's, a restaurant and pub in Branson Landing

Friday we toured Bass Pro's resort on Table Rock Lake, Big Cedar Lodge, and then spent the afternoon fishing! We didn't catch a thing, which is apparently referred to as getting "skunked," but by the end of the day I was touching stink bait and wading in the river barefoot despite the slimy rocks, so I'd call it a successful first attempt!

That evening we mini golfed at Pirate's Cove. That has got to be the cleanest, most well kept mini golf course I've ever been to! Neither of us are very good players, but we had a great time goofing off in the pirate ship and taking silly photos all over the course.