Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Big Move: Part 1

It has been a full month since we moved out of our sweet home in the Avenues, and my heart still breaks a little every time I think about that place. I had the best two years of my life thus far in that home and I miss every inch and memory of it. 

I miss how on a clear evening I could curl up on my couch and gaze out the living room window at freight ships inching along the horizon, slipping out of the Bay and following the sun to Asia. I miss the little, old Chinese man who would catch gophers in our back lawn for five bucks a pop. I'm pretty sure his biggest reimbursement was seeing my face, equal parts terror and fascination, every time he pulled a new one out of the trap. I miss waking up in the middle of summer to an icy breeze and fog that dangled so low and wet it clung to my sweater as I walked through it. I miss knowing my mom was only an hour away. I really, really miss that. 

Kansas City has been a good move, though. As much as I miss what was home for 29 years, I am trying to fully throw myself into this new adventure and season of life. There is so much uncertainty in it, having moved away from my family and friends, walked away from my career and hard earned self-sufficiency, and trusting that the gut feeling that ultimately nudged us way down 80 East was genuine calling and not an immature restlessness. 

Enough of the sentimental stuff - Here's how these shenanigans went down! 

The beau and I moved out of our house a week before hitting the road, so we stayed in a hotel near the airport for our last week of work. On our last day at the brewery, our coworkers gave us quite the sendoff. A cake, a bag of junk food for the road and a BBQ in the parking lot after work. One of our favorites also gave us walkie talkies, which were fantastic for the three-day drive that loomed ahead. The following day was my bridal shower at my aunt's home in the Oakland Hills. We lucked out with perfectly sunny, warm weather and I was delighted for the opportunity to give one last squeeze to so many family and friends.

Next entry: The drive!