Friday, October 5, 2012

Wine Cork Birdhouse

Sometimes I get these bursts of creative energy, usually after perusing the internet and shouting out, "That costs how much?! I could make that!" Sometimes I can, sometimes I can't, but oh how I have fun trying.

My latest crafty venture was this wine cork birdhouse! My grandmother collects birdhouses, which are mostly displayed along her wraparound porch. All the family will be gathering Sunday to celebrate her birthday, so I thought this would be a fun little gift to bring along. I'm wishing I'd included some sort of wire hang for it, but she mostly places them on the porch alongside her flower beds, so I suppose it's just fine without.

Bag of assorted moss by Ashland
Two 6x6 wood squares by Art Minds
45 wine corks and 1 champagne cork
Hot glue gun

- Line up the corks next to the bottom wood square before you start gluing.
- Try to keep the glue lines toward the inside so it won't squish out and become visible.
- Glue bottom row of corks to wood square, reinforce with extra glue on the inside.
- Leave space for a door on the front.
- Glue second row of corks to first row of corks, reinforce with extra glue on the inside.
- Glue three corks laying down in the doorway as a perch.
- Glue second wood square to the top of the birdhouse.
- Glue champagne cork chimney onto roof.
- Glue as much moss as you'd like on the roof, allowing some to hang down slightly to cover any gaps where the roof wood square is not flush with the corks (this will happen since they're not all going to be the exact same size).