Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer to-do List

I'm a big fan of lists. All kinds of lists. I make lists of things I can't forget to do each day. I make lists of things I need to buy and errands I need to run. My favorite sort of list are goal lists, like the bucket list I've been keeping since high school and reoccurring to-do lists for by year or season.

Here's the list I've already been getting a jump start on for this summer!

1- Bling out my old bikinis instead of buying new ones
2- Finally work up the courage to scuba dive during my Jamaica vacation
4- Sail on the Bay. Already bought a Living Social deal for it, just need to book a date.
6- Donate my collection of bridesmaid dresses. They depress me.
7- Go camping. I haven't been in three years and that's just silly.
8- Do a wine country day tour. The tourist kind, not the locals only kind.
9- Horseback riding. I probably haven't been since grade school!
10- Go white water rafting. Can you believe this will be a first for me?