Friday, June 1, 2012

The Silver Lady

A 1961 issue of National Geographic featured an ad for the California Zephyr, also known as the Silver Lady, a passenger train connecting Chicago and San Francisco. The two-day, 2,500 mile route might seem painful to modern travelers, but during its 20 years of service, the Silver Lady was touted as "the most talked-about train in the country," The train featured themed Vista-Dome cars with large windows allowing passengers better visibility along their journey. 

Today, Amtrak runs a passenger service under the same name and following the same route. I priced out a ticket from Chicago, IL to Emeryville, CA on Amtrak's website and found the $300 price rather reasonable. gay, so colorful, and so much fun, you'll think you're already in San Francisco!
I doubt back in 1961 the slogan for this themed buffet-lounge car was highlighting San Francisco's pride scene, but it certainly proves our grand city has always been a hot destination!