Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend in Phoenix

I realize that my love of Phoenix seems rather unreasonable, considering it is a flat, hot, desert, but it's honestly one of my favorite places for a weekend get-a-way. One of my very dear friends lives there, as does most of my extended family, so there's always wonderful company to be had. And the food, oh my goodness, you can't help but stumble into good food in Phoenix! 

My absolute must-dos for every visit are brunch at Postino, where the bruchetta and bellini never fail me, and happy hour at Sandbar, which has a location conveniently located around the corner from my friend's house. Sandbar literally has a sand patio by their outdoor bar, surrounded by a DJ booth and cabanas for your Sunday Funday pleasure. Get the nachos, trust me... and the margaritas... there's a reason why they cut you off at three margaritas. 

Some people love the Scottsdale night life, which is some of the best in the state, but I'm generally more than happy to pass on that for the poolside sunshine, a baseball game at the Diamondback's immaculate new stadium, and shopping in the countless outdoor malls.