Thursday, December 29, 2011

Last Lunches

With the new year quickly approaching and fitness plans in the works, my coworkers and I decided to celebrate our last week of 2011 by gorging ourselves with all of our favorite lunches before they become forbidden. Here's our hit list, in case you're not starting a diet and want to check these spots out for yourself. Oh, and, make sure you order an Anchor Steam with your food at any of these places!

MONDAY - The brewery was closed, but I'm sure we all ate a ton of leftover Christmas goodies
TUESDAY - Goat Hill Pizza in Potrero Hill, half Meat Lover's and half Hilda's Favorite
WEDNESDAY - Jerry's Crispy Tacos at Dos Pinas in Potrero Hill
THURSDAY - Pupusas at a Salvadorian joint in the Mission called Balompie
FRIDAY - Umami Burger on Union, I'm leaning toward the shiitake one but we'll see! 

 Happy eating!