Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Goodbye, house

Well, it's official. We're homeless. Okay, not really, but we're hotel dwellers for the rest of this week. Yesterday we finished packing up our lovely little house and said farewell to the home where we shared our first year together.

The most practical moving tip I can share from this (my TWENTY-FIRST!) move is to buy room label packing tape! It's not strong enough to use for assembling your packing boxes, but a strip across the top or around the side of a box sure makes a world of difference when you're trying to sort out which room your boxes belong in without having to open everything up.

My second favorite discovery from this move is that when you do your mail forwarding on the postal service website they give you printable coupons for a variety of things, including Budget, who we rented our moving truck from. Even though we had already received a quote, we were still able to take the 20% off coupon in when we picked up our truck and they applied it to our fees. It really only covered the taxes, which aren't included in their quote, but when you're renting a moving truck and car trailer for two weeks and driving them half way across the country, every bit of savings makes a difference. Another coupon that would have been really great was for Vista Print. Unfortunately, I had already purchased our change of address cards from Vista and they were already being shipped so I couldn't use the coupon, but hopefully I'll have just saved you some money on yours!

Goodbye, house!