Monday, June 17, 2013

Skydiving in Santa Cruz

Last month I surprised the beau for his birthday with skydiving in Santa Cruz! He had been saying for months that he desperately wanted to do it, and I kept insisting he wait until after the wedding, but I started to feel guilty for being such a downer when I've been twice before. 

The place I jumped in Lodi was only $100 a pop, but that's largely because you're jumping over farmland and they get a higher volume of jumpers. The jump in Santa Cruz ran me nearly $300 for the highest possible altitude and photos. We were disappointed to find that they haven't been allowed to do beach landings in a year, but regardless, the scenery is mind blowing - ocean on one side, forest on the other - and it was a great way to experience a first jump!

The beau had never been to Santa Cruz, so after skydiving we headed to the boardwalk and had beers and burritos at a little taqueria. I'd say he was a very satisfied birthday boy!